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Project Title

Burdekin Dry Tropics Land Resource Assessment Project

Project Collaborators

  • Land Resource Assessment and Management Pty. Ltd


Land resources, soils in particular, are key elements in determining land condition. Though the various land resource surveys currently available provide land resource inventory for almost the entire BDT region, they do not present or describe the information consistently. In order to fill the gaps in existing available knowledge this project will: collate existing land resource survey coverage; compile a common mapping legend to integrate all mapping units from these surveys; identify the gaps in land resource survey coverage in the BDT region; identify the key gaps and prioritise these through stakeholder consultation; and develop a program to fill these gaps.

Adequate land resource information is an essential component of the data base required for:

  • interpreting land condition information and land use patterns
  • analysing differences across the region and identifying underlying causes
  • developing appropriate management actions to address land condition issues &
  • mapping local areas in which management actions need to be focused.

Once completed, the common soil mapping layer derived from the Land Resource Assessment Project will be a valuable resource for monitoring changes in land condition and can also be utilised as a decision support tool for land managers. The information from this project will be available to all members of the community.

Project Service Provider

Land Resource Assessment and Management Pty. Ltd


$227,700 (GST incl)

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Project Update

A common soils mapping layer has been compiled for the entire catchment using the low-intensity (1:100 000 scale) layer whenever possible. BDTNRM staff and industry experts are currently deciding the future direction of this project, and which areas should be investigated in further detail.

BDTNRM Project Contact

For more information about the Burdekin Dry Tropics Land Resource Assessment Project contact Amanda Laurie

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