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Paragrass is an exotic grass species that generally occurs in wet areas. In very low lying areas, hymenachne generally out competes paragrass.

  • Perennial grass grows up to 1m high.
  • Creeping, prostrate growth habit.
  • Stems are hollow and robust.
  • Stems stand erect towards the ends and sprout new roots wherever the nodes touch the ground.
  • Leaf blades are hairy, dark green, usually up to 15cm long and less than 1cm wide and taper to a long, fine point.
  • Flower heads are up to 18cm long and made up of several spikes, each about 5cm long.
  • Seeds cluster thickly along each spike.

Declaration Details

Not a declared species under Queensland legislation but may be declared under local government law.

How to act

Physical control - Grazing para grass prevents it dominating other vegetation.
Herbicide control - Herbicides are effective.
See the para grass fact sheet (DAFF) for herbicide control and application rates.

Refer to Weed Control Methods.


DAFF Photo Guide to Weeds

Related information

Paragrass © OceanWatch Australia 2009
Paragrass with Hymenachne in the background © OceanWatch Australia 2009
Paragrass © OceanWatch Australia 2009
Paragrass © OceanWatch Australia 2009

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