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Google has revolutionised the way we all can access maps and imagery from our phones, tablets and computers. Access to maps and data was previously limited to mapping professionals. With the emergence of mapping technology, everyone now has the ability to create and interact with their own data

ESRI Australia provids a number of mapping products that are often used by the higher end professional. Phoenix Mapping is a tool often used by those managing agricultural properties. There are a number of open source software packages such as QGIS and Map Windowthat allow you to build and display your own data. Google Earth also provides a great tool for viewing data, importing GPS data and building data points lines and polygon features. NQ Dry Tropics has prepared a useful video explaining how to use Google Earth.

The Queensland Government have published Queensland Globe. Queensland Globe allows you to view and explore Queensland maps, imagery (including up-to-date satellite images) and other spatial data using Google Earth. This data includes lot plan parcel information.

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Google Map Engine Lite is an online mapping tool that does not require any software installation on your computer. All you will need is a Google account which are available for free.

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