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The Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Groups Collective was formed in 2002 by the Chairs of the Regional Natural Resource Management Bodies in Queensland to improve the state-wide delivery of regional outcomes in partnership with all stakeholders - including industry, community, research and development organisations and government - and to act as a leadership body through the promotion of a long-term holistic approach to natural resource management. All fourteen Regional NRM Bodies in Queensland are represented on the Collective.

The contemporary view of sustainable management of natural resources is that it is best achieved by adopting a regional approach involving the development of strong cooperative partnerships between government bodies, the community, on-ground land managers, and educational institutions to develop plans that address regional needs. Accordingly - under Natural Heritage Trust (NHT)/National Action Plan (NAP) arrangements - funding for natural resource management (NRM) activities was channelled from government agencies to regional groups. This often involves gaining access to data, developing new data and processing existing data plus building capacity at regional and local levels to manage, utilise and share natural resources data and information more effectively.

As with all organisations and groups dealing with sophisticated technology, new tools – such as those involved in spatial data management – can be used more effectively when they are fully integrated within the overall NRM program as part of core business activities including day-to-day and long-term operational activity.