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The Beachmount Progress Association (now known as Wunjunga Progress Association) was formed in 1915 when the Beachmount Road Committee (formed to oversee the development of the road from the highway to the beach) decided a new committee needed to be formed in order to develop and maintain amenities at the beach.

Since this time the group has existed in different states and forms, but more recently has been focused on protecting the dune system from erosion caused by both human induced and natural processes. One of the most significant events experienced at Beachmount in recent history was Tropical Cyclone Charlie which hit the coast in March 1988. The cyclone caused a channel to break through the dune and over the following years threatened to erode the only road into the Wunjunga township. In consultation with the Council and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (then EPA), the Progress Association managed to rehabilitate the dune and restore the vegetation which has now established the area. Sand is now returning to the area and building up the height of the dune.

The group has recently been involved in a number of fencing and revegetation projects along the foreshore and are seeing great results from the vegetation and debris trapping sand and rebuilding the sand dunes.


Contact Details

President: John Achurra
Ph: 0428 927 937
email: mailto:jrachurra@bigpond.com

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